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Curse you Microsoft

My daughter wants to play Sims 3 on my laptop, which is currently running Linux Mint 14 (nicknamed Nadia).  I had been running Windows XP on it until the hard drive died.  Of course, no backup of that drive image existed.  No big loss for me really, as the machine has just been a game […]

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HTPC case considerations

Haven’t locked in to processor yet, but I assume it will be an AMD or Intel.  So looking at mini-ITX and micro-ATX form factors. Optical Drive?  Haven’t committed yet, but I think at least a DVD is needed for the occasional install of a video game.  I don’t anticipate any playback of Bluray disks directly, […]

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The making of a Home Theater PC

I’m using this as a log for the design and ultimate construction of an HTPC.  Hopefully I can get my son to join in the fun. As of March 21, 2013, I am looking for the following…

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