The making of a Home Theater PC

I’m using this as a log for the design and ultimate construction of an HTPC.  Hopefully I can get my son to join in the fun.

As of March 21, 2013, I am looking for the following…

Basic Requirements

  1. Works with existing hardware in the house, namely a Samsung 40″ LCD TV
  2. Plays back media stored on the UnRAID server, preferably via gigabit ethernet
  3. Housed in an aesthetically pleasing case
  4. Is silent, or nearly so
  5. Can be powered on 24/7 and idles at low power, or has a quick boot time and is turned off when not in use
  6. Does not require a version of MS Windows (TM)

Scope Creep Requirements

  1. Can play 3D video games (light gaming)
  2. Can play Nintendo ROMs with emulator

Basic requirements describe a bog-standard HTPC.  The Basic #6 requirement reflects my preference to not give Microsoft any more of my money.  I’ve paid enough of the Microsoft tax, thank you very much.  My thinking right now is to go with XBMC as the media playback software, installed on a Linux base.  XBMCbuntu and OpenELEC both meet that need.

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